The Twinning Committee “Colletorto in Europe” is a cultural and social association formerly active since 2008. It counts almost hundred members, involved in all kind of activities. It organizes various aspects of the social town life, as meetings to discuss ideas for new public initiatives with various associations of the town, especially with the Social Cultural and Sports Center to organize joint activities. The committee benefits from the support of its group of volunteers, who helps it to spread the message of an active European commitment. Through its members, it disseminates information, organizes board and lodging for participants coming from out of town and encourages the active participation of the inhabitants during the events.

We promotes and carries out: volunteering activities at local, regional, national and international level and activities of boosting, supporting and coordinating of volunteering itself; intercultural exchanges; medium and long term volunteering and learning projects;  cultural, social, sport and recreational activities; seminars and training courses aimed to organisations, social workers and youths; formative, promotional and informative initiatives related to specific themes linked with the third sector, the global challenges. The aims of our activities are :

  • To contribute at and to boost the development of the non profit and for social sector;
  • to foster training, cooperation and partnership between non profit organisations and social workers;
  • to promote and to support volunteering at a local, national, European and international level;
  • to promote youth learning, participation and mobility with particular regards – to youngsters with fewer opportunities;
  • to foster active citizenship, social and democratic engagement;
  • to support social inclusion and cohesion;
  • to promote intercultural dialogue and exchange and to foster the access at an European society whilst fighting racism and xenophobia;
  • to encourage local sustainable development in the north and south of the world;
  • to raise awareness and to promote mobilisation around global challenges

Our association is a dynamic organisation opened to all forms of collaboration and that support the non profit sector and, in general, the macro-system of pro-social organisations. We cooperates with individuals, informal groups, foundations, and whichever public or private body aims to achieve a more equal, just and supportive society. Our focus is very much on empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their dreams. We achieve this designing, funding, organising and realising small and big projects partially funded by international and local institutions and private bodies.


Square One o.s.. was established in 2010 as a vocational training centre in Prague. We currently deal with diverse European training programmes, under the European Commission’s mobility and multilateral projects with the highest emphasis on Partnership projects and  mobility projects. We participate in these projects both as the coordinator and a partner.

Square One has also gathered large experience in the area of VETPRO (Staff)  mobility projects having hosted in Prague groups of experts and pedagogical staff in various fields of expertise (social sphere, culture and arts, integration and immigration issues etc.). Within VETPRO programs we have cooperated with training institutions from different countries (Spain, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, England etc.). We were part of both local and international projects focusing on multiculturalism, tolerance and acceptance of different cultures etc. Through working with people from different cultures we were able to develop a very good understanding for the specifics of each nationality and the cultural backgrounds.


Hellenic Youth Participation (based in Athens, Greece) stands for intercultural dialogue, non-formal education, mutual understanding and solidarity. The main aim of the group is to inspire and stimulate European citizens to become active parts of their local and European community. We wish to motivate young people to become involved and to raise awareness about current values like equal opportunities, social inclusion and cultural diversity. Through our projects we aim at the promotion of non-formal differentiated learning and the importance of personal development. HYP is active on a local, national and European level. The main activities of the organization are to organize trainings and sessions with young people through non-formal education techniques. We organize projects of different disciplines to make sure that everyone is involved.

Since the unemployment figures have been raising and young people are daily challenged, we have started working with youth empowerment. In collaboration with local municipalities in Athens and in remote areas of Greece we bring the sense of employability and entrepreneurship to young people.


Association “Unique projects” unifies young proactive people. Members of organization tries to expand occupation of young people, bring new alternatives of spending their free time, encourage self-actualizing, create favourable conditions for young people and members to improve and grow like creating, thinking and acting personalities. We try to develop values of moral and culture, work and art skills, educate about importance of action, non-formal learning, healthy-lifestyle and sport in our lives. We have a strong team which is experienced in implementing projects, generating ideas and developing social skills. We are improving our organizational management skills every day.

Members of our association have already participated in trainings, seminars and projects, which include both formal and non-formal learning, covers the topics from increasing your emotional intelligence, motivation, business awareness, working in organizations, problem solving, conflict management, project coordinating etc



Community for Education and Art Studio 212, is a Non governmental organization established by 5 artists and youth workers. Our Main Activities consist of:

  • To contribute in developing individuals and organizations and to enable active participation in a multicultural, democratic and open civil society
  • To promote lifelong learning and to provide high quality and innovative education opportunities
  • To adapt and implement solutions of European Union in the field of youth education, through our projects
  • Organize conferences, seminars, training courses, forums, consultations and similar events
  • Facilitate mobility and organize exchanges of individuals or groups in cooperation with governmental or non-governmental institutions in Europe or the world.
  • To conduct research on matters of non-formal education, lifelong learning and capacity building 7. Organize groups of volunteers to act in different projects in local or national level
  • Lobbying and advocating for recognition of non-formal education
  • To promote solidarity, tolerance and anti-discrimination to marginalized groups
  • To promote dialogue, understanding and peaceful reconciliation of groups from different social, economic and religous backgrounds
  • Implement projects that contribute to tackling youth unemployment in the region
  • promote art and culture as a way to include young people with fewer opportunities
  • To gather young artists form different fields (media, theater, visual arts, poetry, literature, crafting etc.) and to support their development, empower them to gain transversal skills for employment and promote their work


Be You is an apolitical, nongovernmental and non-profit organization founded in November 2015 by a team made up by members who have initiative and experience in national and international youth projects. Be You promotes and support the personal development of youth through art, culture, history, sport and creativity. Through non-formal education, national and international projects, workshops, seminars, trainings, volunteering, sport activities, festivals we wish to form and develop among youth European values, the sense of belonging and the desire to be active citizens in the society.

We believe that the future of the society lies in the potential for action and implication of youth. Our main goal is to offer each of us the opportunity to take an active part in society, to involve it and foster social cohesion through personal development. We motivate youth and adults to capitalize and develop their talents and skills, to gain knowledge, new skills for a better integration in society and for active citizenship. Also we are encouraging the youth to believe themselves.


Organization is focus on recovery of society through charity and learning – education activity by introducing christian and moral values. Aim of organization is support and development of activities on the local, national and international level in area of non-formal education, using free time, cultural-social and volunteering practise for community of youth people. Target group are teenagers and youth people from 13 – 30 years old. Organization consists from 4 main people (managers), 15 youth workers and more than 200 members/volunteers. Organization is covering informal groups of youth people and is cooperating with schools. Association activities: organizes universal activities for ensuring its mission; cooperates with professionals, other associations and organizations, organizes cooperation with legal and natural people; provides publishers – publications activities for achieve aim of association; provides permanent spiritual, knowledge and methodological formation for its members with form of courses, lectures, debates, stays in training facilities and other available options; organizes cultural events, lectures, conference, discussion forums and meetings in small/bigger dimension; helps development of small communities for children, teenagers and adults; mediates and provides within its means trips to foreign in order education, working, interest, recreational and exchange stays and cooperates with foreign subjects for purpose of fulfillment aims of association; – provides services through internet and another technical options and enters to mass media for purpose achievement of aim of association.


Built in 2014, “NGO Lojtra” is a young and devoted youth organization. Our devotion aims to: – Permanently establishing a space, where young people aged from 15-30 are finding a safe environment, to comfortably express their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. – Enhancing critical thinking about our opinions and what can be done about them in the local community. – Empowering youth to organize different activities to help developing local community which will serve them better and at the same time use those activities as learning opportunities for personal and professional development. – Providing different working contexts and contents to maximize AHA moments and ensure high quality learning outcomes. We believe in non-formal educational approaches such as experiential learning and participatory learning. Regular reflections and evaluations, which assure the learning processes, are supported by young youth leaders and trainers willing to improve their competences. We found extremely important, that benefits from different activities, are gained from all the stakeholders included. Social inclusion is next important chapter of our work. Our organization is place for youth with different backgrounds, different dreams and different needs. We are trying to work as inclusively as possible, knowing this is a path and not an objective. In 2016 we are dreaming and working on: – Getting a proper place to regularly implement our activities, – Start cooperating with the local high school, – Start implementing street youth work in Litija, – Enhance our international cooperation, – Develop the local youth strategy (together with other youth organizations in our community and the local council). We are learning constantly, we are making friends around the globe, we are included in the matters which affect us or our values, we are nurturing respectful and responsible behaviour towards ourselves, others, community and the nature. We are crazy and we are having fun. We believe the future is bright. We are young.


Building Bridges Cultural Association was founded in 2008 to promote a spirit and community integration and to foster European culture awareness among the youth. Building Bridges is presented at local level as a tool to assist and support the implementation of non formal education courses and improving knowledge of European labour system practices. We organise courses, visits and meetings, European events for public agencies on policies concerning youth , mobility, sports , local economic development , culture and cooperation with developing countries. We believe that transnational experience could offer young people the opportunity to grow within a European dimension through their personal and professional skills , so that they could become main actors of the European future.

Since its foundation, the association has participated in various advocacy and promotion of European mobility and its members have sufficient mobility experience as trainers. Our aims are:

  • To build bridges and promote the social construction of Europe
  • To build bridges and promote intercultural dialogue and favour understanding of foreign cultures.
  • Plan bridges using European projects to promote participation.
  • Step on bridges to support any cultural, educative and/or artistic expression based on the previous values.


Our association was founded in 2015. The purpose of our association is to support the development of kids and young people with disabilities, educational, sporting, social, physical and psychological. Our team run projects that aim to change lives and make positive differences to disabled kids and gifted kids and young people in Adana.

Our aims and objectives is: to stimulate and support the active, civic and responsible participation of the young generation within the social, educational, cultural and economic aspects of the communities they live in.

Regarding its organization and functioning, HEY Association relies on the principles of responsible volunteering, self-motivation and self-determination, civic participation, involvement and cooperation, initiative, adaptability, follow-up, competence and competitiveness, respect and mutual support, democracy, transparency, equity, legality, sustainability, tolerance, multiculturalism, social dialog, non-discrimination and political non-affiliation.