Vasiliki Koliousi GREECE

“As for the radicalization, I hadn’t formed a clear opinion about this topic, and in some cases the information I had was confusing. After this project I gained useful information about the radicalization and its political, economical, social aspects. I also now will try to stay informed about this topic which topical right now. “I have gained practical skills relevant for my current job and professional development“, “I have experimented and developed new learning practices/methods”, “I have reinforced or extended my professional network or built up new contacts”

Eszter Balint ROMANIA

“The knowledge and experience gained during the project will be reflected in the approach to social problems in the local community in the implementation of future projects aimed at combating discrimination and radicalization. “I will use the acquired knowledge in my organization by organizing events and workshops for youth on the topic of radicalization and discrimination. I will use this knowledge being active and involved in my society” “I achieved a lot of knowledge about the topic of this project. I learnt very much about how we can combat radicalization and discrimination. And the most important thing is that I learnt about me, about how I work better and how learn better.”

Dejan Andov FYROM

“I will support them and I will show more empathy. Now I can understand the others. With this project have learned a lot, so I can share my know how. My top priority will be team building activity. “I am now committed to work against discrimination, intolerance, xenophobia or Racism”

Arnas Pabedinskas LITHUANIA

“I will be more confident in my skills and taking leadership when needed. Improved verbal communication and expressing my opinions on different topics more freely and independently. While working in teams I noticed how crucial is for everyone to know their responsibilities, so it is very important to manage them correctly, therefore, when I will take initiative in leading a team, I will know how to plan and communicate with people, so they would be clear about their duties and goals. “I have established contacts with people in other countries which are useful for my involvement in social or political issues” and “I have increased my social, linguistic and/or cultural competences”


“I´ve learned many games and non formal education methods, which will be used in my NGO. I´ve also gained many experience while networking with other participants during seminar. “We had wonderful trainers, and also hosting organisation had done everything in time and offered our great food, accomodation and enviroment for living.”and “I have learned from good practices abroad”